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Our Vision

MWS’s main aim is to help children with disabilities and their families to access the resources and opportunities to enable them achieve their full potential and lead fulfilling lives. MWS is striving to provide medical and educational support to handicapped children across Pakistan achieve their rights.

MWS’s main vision is to empower these people with skills through computer/language courses and technical trainings. So they become independent and can live their lives with self-respect and integrity. MWS aims at changing the lives of handicapped children and families through an innovative model of working through a national network of schools and training centers. Through these schools and training centers, MWS supports children and families, raise public awareness about disability and help these children to regain their confidence in themselves. MWS targets to help 1.4million kids in long run.

MWS after completing registration and all legal formalities under govt. rules on NGO’s, is currently operates in one metro city raising public awareness about disability and has set up 20 schools and training centers. Also running a school for under privileged Christian children in south Punjab where more than 1,600 students are already enrolled and getting free education along with books and uniforms.

Each year approximately 2,500 handicapped individuals are being trained and educated. So now MWS has decided to go beyond and work more aggressively. For the purpose we are inviting funds nationally and internationally to be able to:

  • Provide medical facilities by making a specialized hospital.
  • To maintain current schools and training centers.
  • To expand to all places across Pakistan.

So we need your donations to make this dream become a reality where we have handicapped people living with self-esteem. No one is forced to beg and deprived of their basic rights to equal opportunities. Let’s make them feel that we care for them and want them to achieve their dreams.